Hi windows Insider,
Windows 11 Insider Preview Builds are now available in both the Dev Channel and the Beta Channel. Now is a perfect time to reevaluate what flighting channel is right for you.
Based on our data, you have a PC that is currently configured for flighting Windows 11 Insider Preview Builds in the Dev Channel. We will soon be flighting early development builds in the Dev Channel. These builds may be less stable and won’t align with the version of Windows 11 expected to be available to the general public later this year.
If you would like to experience more reliable Windows 11 Insider Previews Builds tied to the upcoming release, please move your device to the Beta Channel through the Windows Insider Program Settings.

No action is required if you want to continue receiving the Windows 11 Insider Preview Builds in the Dev Channel.
  Learn how to move to the Beta Channel  

        How to choose a channel?
We release Insider Preview builds to you through channels, which are each designed to bring you a different experience based on the quality of Windows you need for your life and your device. When choosing a channel, you should keep in mind how stable you need your device to be, what level of issues you can handle on your device, and how early in development you'd like to see features and changes.

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嗨 Windows 预览体验成员,
Windows 11 Insider Preview Builds 现已在开发频道和 Beta 频道中提供。现在是重新评估适合您的投放渠道的最佳时机。
根据我们的数据,您有一台当前配置为在开发频道中运行 Windows 11 Insider Preview 版本的 PC。我们很快将在 Dev Channel 中测试早期开发版本。这些版本可能不太稳定,并且不会与预计将于今年晚些时候向公众提供的 Windows 11 版本保持一致。
如果您想体验与即将发布的版本相关联的更可靠的 Windows 11 Insider Previews Build,请通过 Windows Insider Program Settings 将您的设备移至 Beta 频道。

如果您想继续在开发频道中接收 Windows 11 Insider Preview 内部版本,则无需执行任何操作。
  了解如何移至 Beta 频道

我们通过渠道向您发布 Insider Preview 版本,每个渠道都旨在根据您的生活和设备所需的 Windows 质量为您带来不同的体验。在选择频道时,您应该记住您需要设备的稳定性、您可以在设备上处理的问题级别以及您希望在开发初期看到功能和更改的时间。

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